What People are Saying About Orchard Bar...

"These are the best!" — M, San Francisco, CA


"I couldn't believe how wonderful they are. They are my saving grace when I can't get to any decent fresh food when I am traveling. I now order them by the case!" — M. York, Buena Park, CA


"Found it in my work snack machine, OMG! Soooo gooood!!" — Nina, Snohomish, WA


"Wow not only healthy but delicious! I'm hooked!" — G. Jeffries, Bremerton, WA


"I don't usually like 'bars' but these Orchard Bars are wonderful. I gave a couple to a friend of mine and her reaction was 'OMG - these are terrific!' The best are the Pineapple Coconut Macadamia bars." — D. Trowbridge, Bradenton, FL


"These are absolutely FANTASTIC. They are moist and delicious. Most gluten-free bars are really dry. I LOVE them." — D. Powell, Federal Way, WA


"Their intense fruitiness sets them apart. They are very satisfying." — C. Kiefer, Chicago, IL


"Wow, what a tasty treat. And pretty good for you too! I've been eating some different brand bars, but I think now they've been edged out." — C. Altwegg, Seattle, WA


"Love the new Orchard Bar! Great taste and texture! Love the flavors as well! Delicious and healthy at the same time!" — Olivia, Hickory Grove, SC


"WOW! I absolutely love these bars. I use them for a quick breakfast and/or a mid-morning snack. It is so refreshing to find a product that not only is good for you, but it tastes good too." — J. Leikam, Hays, KS


"They are to die for... and actually pretty good for you. Love them!!" — Lorrie, Reno, NV


"I love them. I will be buying them even if I have to use my last dollar. These are the best gluten-free energy bars I have ever eaten." — J. Pitt, Durango, CO


"This is the best in-between meal snack I have ever had." — Vickie Delvac, San Diego, CA


"The box arrived when my sister was visiting. She is on a dairy, egg and gluten free diet. She was so excited that this was a snack she could eat that tasted good, too. "Like real food." I keep them in my car and they have come in handy when she and I are out yard saling or whatever and we need food because the question is not if she can have it but what flavor. Thank you." — Trista Ochoa, Sweet Home, OR


"When these came in the mail, my son and I were impressed with how delicious they are-healthy too. My fav is Blueberry. His is raspberry. They are all yummy!" — Beverly Saghier, Orlando, FL


"This is great for a quick fix with protein and fiber. I have enjoyed all 3 flavors." — Gail Kupka, Oklahoma City, OK


"These bars are quick, tasty energy out in the field- especially good for sharing -and they soften but don't melt, even in the bottom of a backpack on a hot day." — Barbara Krueger, Cottonwood, AZ


"I ordered the assorted flavors box of these bars, and I have to say I think they are all REALLY good tasting. After trying one of each flavor I think my favorite is the Pineapple-Coconut Macadamia. I work night shift, and these bars give me a nice amount of calories and energy during the night. I recommend these to anyone who likes fruit and nuts." — Adam, Evansville, IN


"All the flavors are excellent but the pineapple/coconut/macadamia was the definite top pick." — Mark Powell, Federal Way, WA


Orchard Bar Taste Test Comments


"I love the intense fruit flavor and the texture. It is far superior to other energy bars I have tasted that claim to have a fruit flavor."


"The aroma, texture, and taste give your bar a very unique edge on the competitors."


"When I ate the first bar from Liberty Orchards, I ran to the phone to order some from you. I am on the go at work and I have been looking for a healthy product to use between meals."


"I think you have come up with winners!"


"I like the variety. Good texture and moist, not dry and gritty."


"Love the very true, consistent fruit flavor. Excellent! Just ever so slightly sticky to hold, but that wouldn't keep me from buying them."


"They were really good, with no artificial colors or flavors, which I cannot stand! The texture was great too! Just the right amount of everything!"


"My taste buds were very happy!"




"Oh my goodness! Get these bars in grocery stores! They are incredibly delicious and would go fast!."


"I like the moist, nutty texture."


"This is the best I've had."


"The best I ever had. It is so full of stuff which I love. The best!"


"It's just right for a snack or energy burst after work before my walk."


"I love the crunch!"


"I like the fruity (not chalky like some) and moist quality."




"Very tasty and healthful."


"Orchard Bars taste good like nutritious food, not like candy."


"Tastes great! Fruity, not too sweet, and crunchy."


"The flavors are delicious with just the right amount of crunch. They are really good!"