All About Orchard Bars!

Orchard Bar Pieces
The “orchard” in Orchard Bar isn’t just a clever name – it’s part of our DNA. You see, the families that produce Orchard Bar actually have been in the fruit business since the 1800s. One of our founders, an Armenian immigrant, worked as a fruit grower in Turkey before coming to America and teaming up in the early 1900s with a fellow Armenian to purchase an apple farm in the fertile lands of Eastern Washington State. They named their new venture Liberty Orchards in honor of their new homeland.
Liberty Orchards proved to be so…well, fruitful…that the founders began using surplus apples to perfect their own version of a popular candy they enjoyed in the Old World. The delicious confection of apples and walnuts, which they called Aplets®, was an instant success. A few years later, they applied the same recipe to apricots and walnuts, and Cotlets® were born. Soon, people throughout the Pacific Northwest were sending Aplets and Cotlets across the country, creating a following for the fruit candies that still exists today.
Liberty Orchards remains owned by those same families, and they looked to apply all of their fruit expertise when they set out to build a better bar – Orchard Bar. The company spent two years perfecting its first recipe, balancing just the right ingredients to create a bar that was both nutritional and great tasting. And while Orchard Bar took many months and a great deal of work to create, picking a name for the bars did not. After all, the “orchard” is what the families have been about for more than 100 years!